Asset Management

Exclusive Digital Events from March 23rd to 30th


#1 Agile Asset Management

Navigating The Disruption

date: 23.03.2021                      start: 10:00 CET                      recording: available


You are about to discover how to build the agility you need to deal with global disruptions. From preserving business continuity with asset availability to unlocking 'agility-on-demand', join the executive team of sappience and a special guest expert for this insider workshop. Register to access the full recording and presentation slides.

The topics we will explore:

  1. Fractured Asset Management: The demand for alignment and coordination 
  2. Fill-in the gaps: Cultivating flexibility towards enterprise reliability 
  3. Unlocking “agility-on-demand” with Digital Twin Management 
  4. Roadmap to Digital Twin Management: Turn the notion for enterprise agility with assets  
  5. Towards a data-centric agile asset management 

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3  Insider Workshops

#2 Integrate

Asset Management

Connecting The Dots

date: 23.03.2021

start: 14:00 CET

recording: available

#3 Enable

Remote Working

Innovating Asset Interactions

date: 25.03.2021

start: 10:00 CET

recording: available

#4 Digital

Twins Approach

Breaking Down Success Stories 

date: 25.03.2021

start: 14:00 CET

recording: available

Learn from some of the brightest minds in Asset Management and Digital Twins for this mind-altering workshop series. Access the 5 on-demand workshop recordings and our presenters' slides. Set out on the way to Digital Twin Management.

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