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Build the bridge between basic practices and 360° lifecycle management

Regardless of where you are on your asset management journey, with Asset Insider, you will build the bridge between the foundation and modern processes. Sappience created Asset Insider on the Microsoft Power Platform to bring our users the freedom to customize with Low-Code technology.

Come face to face with the most challenging projects you aspire to fulfill. Add your touch to the progress in your organization, turn the Asset Management Strategy into practical plans. Go from setting the foundations of Asset Management to implementing Digital Twins in the departments of your company.

Launch a free 48-hour test drive via Microsoft AppSource or complete the form and our automation will set you up for the in-app experience. You are also free to apply for a 1:1 workshop with sappience. on your specific Asset Management need, you want to see in Asset Insider:


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They have already tried:

From the fundamentals to Digital Twin management

Here's how you can build the bridge between them with the power of the Twins and the freedom to create Low Code customizations in no time.

Begin with the data

The beginning of an asset management improvement journey is to obtain a clear understanding of your asset performance level. You begin to establish basic processes to correctly blend short-term requirements with sustainable delivery of long-term goals. From the first stage of your journey, asset data is the driving force behind your decisions.

Best-preferred functionalities to set the foundation:

  • Predefined asset "Demand to Disposal" processes
  • Asset database and status changing workflows
  • Asset tracking & QR / barcode scanner

Achieve alignment

Create awareness of the methods and practices for asset management in your organization among employees. Involve stakeholders in the delivery of the Asset Management Plan and provide clarity about the goals and future direction of the business. This stage is to create consistency in the planned and achieved results in a safe and cooperative work environment.

Best-preferred functionalities to enable remote work and collaboration (available as app in Microsoft Teams as well):

  • Stakeholders' collaboration on the Asset Timeline
  • Asset Insider Mobile Companion app for iOS and Android
  • Extended predefined and personal dashboards & analytics


Connect people, technologies, and processes to optimize the added value of assets. Use the data to continue upgrading your Intelligent System with predictive practices - forecasts, analysis, maintenance.

Best-preferred functionalities for continuous improvement:

  • In-depth vendors, warranty & service management
  • 400+ Integrations with various apps, systems, and services
  • IoT and connectors for Physical - Digital Twin sync

Reactive: OFF. Predictive: ON

Automate legacy process workflows and introduce continuous improvement among the employees and their core competencies. Meet industry best practices and set process standards with the help of new technologies. Switch from reactive approach to preventive and agile.

Best-preferred functionalities to apply agile asset management:

  • Customizable AI models to predict future events, stats, forecasts
  • Maintenance Plans /predictive and preventive maintenance/
  • Kanban board for asset-intensive work- service- and task management

It’s up to you

Adopt new models driven by technology, advance the way your entire business operates. Exploit digital for greater efficiency and manage vast infrastructures with a flexible approach. Progress towards 360° lifecycle management. You have the freedom to modify and customize the solution as per your needs by yourself via low-code approach and no development skillset required.

Best-preferred functionalities to leverage innovation:

  • Custom Parameters Management
  • In-app setup of personalized dashboards, approvals, notifications
  • Power Apps and Automate for customizations and extensions

Enable 360° Asset Lifecycle Management withAsset Insider

Asset Insider bolsters you in managing the asset lifecycle with its Digital Twin nature and the freedom to customize it with Low-Code. See how all its functionalities provide you with a platform that changes traditional Asset Management.

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