Gain next-level asset efficiency


Streamline the supply chain. Create outstanding maintenance practices. Maintain a current budget. Automate depreciation. At every stage of the asset lifecycle - from demand to disposal. It is all possible by integrating Asset Insider and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Reimagine Asset Management with a single integration

The integration between Asset Insider and Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to keep track of asset inventory, manage the supply and demand for operational assets, and automate the related financial operations.

Sappience provides clients across industries with an integrated solution for optimizing and automating end-to-end EAM processes, and our partners - with the opportunity to differentiate among competitors and delight their customers.

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The best way to plan, service and report on your critical assets


Asset Insider is based on the Microsoft Power Platform, which makes its integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central feel like home. The Asset Lifecycle Management process runs seamlessly between Asset Insider and Dynamics 365 Business Central, with the two systems exchanging data all the time.

Lifecycle Management process between Asset Insider and Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is Asset Insider


Asset Insider is a low-code application that enables asset-intensive organizations to manage their assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from demand to disposal. Based on the Microsoft Power Platform, this solution brings Enterprise Asset Management, Low-Code technology, and the Digital Twins concept together, handing its users the means to achieve the target performance, efficiency, and lifecycle duration of their assets.


Asset Insider desktop and mobile

Gain insights that serve your enterprise

Asset 1

End-to-end operations support

Automate legacy operations and switch from being reactive to challenged, to proactively overcoming them before they have even occurred.

Asset 2

+600 pre-built connectors

Integrate Asset Insider with any system of record. Centralize data streams to obtain a clear understanding of specific asset parameters.

Asset 3

Implement, understand, utilize

Align people, technologies, and processes to get more added value from assets. Enhance the ROI from Asset Insider with fast configuration and integration quality.

Asset 4

Security and compliance

Get enterprise-level security with built-in customizable settings ensuring data is backed up and protected.

Asset 5

Adapt it to your way of doing business

Asset Insider gives you dozens of out of the box features and the freedom to customize the solution with the Power Platform to fit your requirements.


Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Over 140,000 companies trust Dynamics 365 Business Central to optimize and bring intelligence to their core operations. On the other hand, enterprises on 3 continents log into Asset Insider to carry out their Asset Management Plan. Integrated, these solutions will elevate your Asset Management to the next level.


Connect the administrative and operational aspects of Asset Management
Manage financial activities in one place throughout the asset lifecycle
Make asset disposal and renewal seamless with process automation
Advance the planning of production activities with Planning and Order worksheets

Manage your assets, costs, and maintenance in one place


The Low-Code and Business Intelligence components work together to bring you an operational platform that fills the financial and planning gaps you’ve been dealing with for too long. Embrace cross-department asset operations into a single system that enables you to excel your asset management, from demand to disposal.

Purchase orders

Create Purchase orders to request specific assets in the organization. Mark purchasing requests, set parameters, and schedule the asset acquisition in your system (Asset Insider).

Asset operations

Ensure all assets are available for operation wherever necessary. Keep their statuses and financial and accounting parameters updated.

Work orders

Schedule installations, maintenance checks, repairs, upgrades, disposals, and more. Increase asset uptime with predictive approach.

Asset disposal

Automate asset disposal for different scenarios - lost, malfunction, sale, etc. Update statuses and set up Sales orders.

Gain valuable business insights today

with Asset Insider and Dynamics 365 Business Central


Whether you are a customer looking for an asset management solution or a partner who wants to enhance their customer offer,

you are in the right place! See how integrating Asset Insider with Dynamics 365 Business Central provides automated data distribution

for maintaining and delivering accurate:


Planning and execution of asset demand, supply, and provisioning
Asset Operations
Service & Work Orders
Asset Disposal