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Connect Webinar Series


10th and 15th / December / 2020


The point of contact between business and technology is something tangible and big, but, contrary to expectations, it is difficult to notice.

An in-depth study of the world of business applications and the platform on which professionals build them can give you lots of ideas on how to connect - the elements of a solution, the pieces of the puzzle, the two ends of the digital transformation of your business:

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Webinar #1

Power Apps: Connecting Business & Technology

Adopt BizOps in Industry 4.1

date: 10.12.2020

start: 10:00 CET / 11:00 BG time

duration: 1 hour

Realizing ambitious projects with many new generation technologies is a matter of speed, practicality, and ease with the Microsoft Power Platform. Hear and see the practices of small, medium, and large businesses, with which you can combine the experience and efforts of business and technology people in your organization in a variety of smart applications.

We will demonstrate the possibilities for your teams to jointly build automation, department & mission-critical apps, in matter of days or weeks instead of years.

Webinar #2

Asset Insider: Connecting Physical & Digital

Digital Twins in Industry 4.1

date: 15.12.2020

start: 14:00 CET / 15:00 BG time

duration: 1 hour

Meet Asset Insider, sappience's Low-Code asset management software. Take a look behind the surface and learn about the process by which advanced business thinking and new technologies are driving the transformation of traditional businesses to futuristic management and automation. We will show you how the Digital Twins work, to uncover how you can apply them to achieve operational excellence.

Get an answer to the question “How the business realizes ROI with the positive impact of the Digital Twins on the Value Chain?” with an Asset Insider demo for an industry-specific asset management case.

We will be excited to see you among us during the event!

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